An opportunity to experience the magic of untouched nature. The ostrich ferns 1,5 meters in height and much more can be found in the Poruni primeval forest. Just north of the Gordenko village, along the Boroni river is an old-growth forest compartment which together with the river banks have been nature conservation area since 1967. Today Poroni habitat/species management area is part of Puhatu nature conservation area. In the middle of this protected old-growth forest landscape is 10 km long Poruni river.The escarpments of river bank are up to 10 m high and there becoma denuded dolomites of Narva stratum and other strata of base rock. The mouth oh river Poruni is flooded by  Narva water reseroir. In the riverbank forest massive lindens, ashes, birches, alders, etc. are growing on the uncultivated way. The fishermen’s paths are only sign of human impact.